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Touchdown versus ClickDimensions

You want to integrate your marketing within your Microsoft Dynamics 365, what could be better than a marketing suite specially developed for your CRM? This article will quickly help you determine the choice between two integrated solution.

Touchdown home interface

Touchdown is a fully integrated marketing suite offering all the advanced marketing tools: Email, SMS, Drag-and-drop builder, Automation, etc. within Microsoft Dynamics 365. All your data are and will stay within your CRM providing real-time, integrity and security for your data.

Just like Touchdown, ClickDimensions is also a fully integrated marketing suite with Dynamics365. 100% native, it provides multichannel marketing applications that work natively as “one solution” with Microsoft Dynamics

ClickDimensions or Touchdown:

Both products offer an advanced email marketing tool integrated with Dynamics 365, although only Touchdown is also integrated with PowerApps. Your marketing and sales teams using PowerPlaftorm will save time by being completely autonomous.
In addition, the Touchdown offering starts at 10,000 emails/year.



Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Marketing Automation
Starting 10 000 emails/year
Work on all entities of the CRM

ClickDimensions or Touchdown:

To find the perfect solution, it is important to know what service it provides additionally to the software. In ClickDimensions' case, you only benefit from English language support. Touchdown guarantees GDPR compliance while offering you premium support.



Email support in the customer's language
Phone support in the customer's language
Assistance from experts
Onboarding included

This article compares two integrated solutions. Touchdown enhances your Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps experience and offers premium support to bring you a powerful marketing CRM.

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