Cookies policy

Our website use “cookies” which are small text files placed on your device in order to operate the websites and collect information about the online activity. 

There are different types of cookies: 

Cookies necessary for navigation 

These cookies are essential for the operation of our sites and allow access to secure areas such as your shopping cart, your account etc. Without these cookies, it would be difficult to use the sites under normal conditions. 

  • Such as _hjIncludedInSample 

Analytical or performance cookies 

These cookies enable us to know the use and the performances of our sites and to improve their functioning. 

  • Such as _ga, _gu, _gs, _gw _gtag And any cookie starting with « _ »  – are cookies of Google Analytics;

Functional cookies 

These cookies are used to personalize your navigation. 

Advertising cookies 

These cookies collect information in order to offer relevant advertising based on your interests. They are usually placed by third parties with our permission. 

  • Such as AeFirst537df5930f4c9a8f4a8b4567

Language cookies

These cookies are used to detect and manage the language selected by the users directly in their browser.

  • Such as pll_language

What are third party cookies? 

Our website contains cookies issued by third parties that allow them to collect browsing information related to the terminals that visit our website. 

Google Analytics standard audience measurement cookies are used to collect information about the user and to reconstruct their journey on the site. 

The so-called “social networks” cookies are collected via application buttons and are likely to identify You, even if You have not used this button, when consulting our site, especially if You are connected to a social network platform. 

We invite You to consult Privacy policies of these third parties to learn about the purposes for use and navigation information they can collect through these tools. You can also refuse these cookies by adjusting the respective setting of your browser, as shown below. 

Among the third-party cookies, one can find so-called “affiliation” cookies which are cookies related to an affiliation program. 

How can You accept or refuse cookies? 

You can accept cookies or in some cases choose to disable them at any time. Nevertheless, some cookies are essential to your general navigation. These include cookies related to: 

– Identification; – Authentication; 

– Sessions created by a media player; 

– Load balancing sessions; 

– Solutions for analysing and measuring the audience; 

– Customisation of the interface. 

You can set your browser to tell You which cookies are on your device and ask You to accept them. 

You can also use a platform for managing cookies, sharing cookies and advertising cookies. 

How to change my browser settings? 

Access this feature via the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser. The modification method is described in the help menu of your browser: 

– For Internet Explorer: 

– For Safari:
– For Chrome: 
– For Firefox:
– For Opera:

Some browsers also offer the option “Do Not Track” that You can select to prohibit the deposit of cookies on your device. 

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Your privacy matters to us. We use cookies to improve your user experience on our website by analysing statistics on collected data.