Years of experience behind Touchdown's technology

Making you an outstanding business and helping you create lifelong bonds with your customers is our mission. Email & SMS Marketing and Automation are constantly evolving around new technologies. Our team of experts and partners is therefore here to ensure that touchdown is the best efficient Email & SMS marketing solution already integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365.


How Touchdown improves your deliverability?

Millions of emails are sent from our routing systems every day. This represents a challenge to keep our deliverability rates at their highest. Thanks to our routing systems’ authentication techniques we ensure our customers’ campaigns being successfully delivered. Our email solution also allows you to flourish your reputation and customise your domain name to one which is more appropriate for your organisation.

Badmail or bounces are detected and automatically uploaded within the software at the launch of your campaign. Same applies to the list of unsubscribed emails.

Another system we put in place is dynamical designation of IP addresses. It was set based on feedback analysis, for optimal deliverability and to ensure service continuity. 

Our email marketing service monitors moderation of our customers’ campaigns 24h/7.


Is a set of techniques that allows email servers to send emails with a domain name.

Its purpose is to tell the receiving inboxes that the domain name is not usurped. It guarantees higher chances for your email reaching recipient's inbox and hence increase the deliverability rate.

Note, it is important to optimise your content to obtain even higher deliverability.

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Technology partners of Touchdown

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With its vision, Microsoft brings the innovation in the technology of tomorrow. Having them as our partner provides a benefit from their technological application and attribution to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

From the beginning, our solution helps all Microsoft’s customers to empower their CRM through global Email & SMS automation. We are always at the verge of innovating our technology around the trends and around Microsoft Dynamics to ensure your best experience within the software. 

Our history is closely connected with the one of Sarbacane. Years of perfecting Email & SMS marketing technology opened several opportunities. This time with shared knowledge with Sarbacane  we are aiming at complete satisfaction of Microsoft Dynamics clients by offering them an intuitive and powerful Email & SMS marketing solution. 

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