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Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Touchdown is a marketing suite, rich and intuitive offering all the features for the success of your marketing (automation, Email, SMS, etc.). Your data are and will stay within your CRM, there is no need for synchronisation with an external tool and all the Email and SMS statistics are in real-time. Touchdown is an entirely customisable PowerApps solution, enabling you to enhance your business processes. 


Become completely operational and autonomous with your marketing within Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 3 steps: 


Subscription and
activation of 
your license. 


Import of the solution within 


One-hour onboarding
to get started and use Touchdown.


Touchdown provides all the marketing and sales tools integrated within your Dynamics 365.
You can:

  • Segment and target your recipients with marketing
    lists native to Dynamics.
  • Create attractive and ultra-personalised content
    with our drag-and-drop Emailbuilder.
  • Manage your brand identity with our autoconfiguration (for domain names, senders, etc.).
  • Optimise your marketing with our pre-defined
    automation scenarios.

Unlike other solutions, Touchdown:

  • Centralises & saves all the data within your CRM in
  • Is an all-in-one solution, including SMS, with no need for an external tool compromising a full control.
  • Has developed an intuitive and scalable marketing
    suite requiring no maintenance.
  • Includes custom entities for the recipients.

An optimal Segmentation

Segment your contacts, accounts, leads or customised entities with static or dynamics marketing lists.

Manage and assign specific blacklists according to your previous campaigns to exclude specific email addresses and phone numbers.

Filter behavioural data from your previous campaigns
(ex: Inactive since...).

Easily remove recipients from your initial targeting by excluding marketing lists.


Easily manage your brand identity, we automatically configure the domains for you (sender, links, images...) to guarantee the highest deliverability possible.

Show your recipients your brand before they download images by embedding some of them directly within your messages.

Use a dedicated IP to increase your chances to land in the inbox folder.

Automatically clean recipient lists and preserve the reputation of your IPs.

Use the “Predictive sending” and increase your performance by 20% on average.

Make sure to have your messaging reaching the inbox folder with a help of our anti-spam analysis.


Create captivating content which is automatically responsive and compatible with all the messaging clients due to our drag-and-drop Emailbuilder.

Personalise content with a set of tags and entities available within your CRM.

Integrate videos which are automatically represented by a Gif.

Add attachments and enhance your messages (ex: program and location of an event).

Integrate images directly from our gallery offering over 1000 of royalty-free images.

Take advantage of our template gallery with over of 100 ready-to-use templates.

Touchdown marketing printscreens


Take advantage of an intelligent classification of manual replies.

Never miss a lead by collecting their email and SMS replies manually.

Make sure your recipients receive messages caught by the “captcha” (ex: MailInBlack).

Postpone sending or modify contact with auto-replies informing you about an out-of-office or a no longer in the office status.


Automate your sales and marketing processes with our natively integrated automation feature.

Send Emails and SMS manually or as soon as someone subscribes to a list, has a birthday, changes their status, etc.

Continue your scenario tasks according to the interactions with messages, clicks, opens, replies, etc.

Determine the best moment to execute the next step by adding a waiting period for a specific hour a date, a time interval or choose a specific date.

Integrate automation into your business processes with a help of a task-specific execution or with CRM workflows.

Take advantage of pre-defined scenarios: sales engagement, double opt-in, events, anniversary date, welcome, etc.


Control your data, all the Email and SMS interactions are saved within your CRM.

Follow all the interactions of each contact in each of their timeline.

Get smarter due to the analysis of the reading time representing the interest of your message.

Integrate statistical results easily within the Power BI.


Find Touchdown among your PowerApps solutions. 

Create or modify the dashboard, forms and views with “custom controls” and dedicated resources

Integrate Touchdown entities within your SiteMap

Create a Canvas/Mobile app with Touchdown data. 

Touchdown PowerApps marketing


Choose visible views and fields within Touchdown interface corresponding to each entity.

Modify the default values of email and phone fields for each entity.

Let's start together

Touchdown is for everyone! Get started quickly with simple installation and benefit from the pre-built templates for emails and automation, drag-and-drop Emailbuilder, integrated videos, predictive sending,.., the modern and continuously evolving marketing suite.

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