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You want to integrate your marketing within your Microsoft Dynamics 365, what could be better than a marketing suite specially developed for your CRM? This article will quickly help you determine the choice between an integrated solution and connectors to third-party software.

Touchdown home interface

Touchdown is a fully integrated marketing suite offering all the advanced marketing tools: Email, SMS, Drag-and-drop builder, Automation, etc. within Microsoft Dynamics 365. All your data are and will stay within your CRM providing real-time, integrity and security for your data.

There are several connectors like Zapier, Workato, Parabola, Flow, Automate, SyncApps, IFTTT, Tray, Integromat, Powermailchimp etc. which provide paid software to synchronise a part of your data from Mailchimp to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Mailchimp connectors or Touchdown:

Both products provide advanced email marketing tools however, only Touchdown, a PowerApps application, has the capacity to send SMS campaigns and to use the features natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your marketing and sales teams will save time by becoming fully autonomous and your IT department can focus their energy where needed.



Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
Real-time & data integrity
BuiltIn Entities, Workflows, Users

Mailchimp connectors or Touchdown:

To find a perfect solution it is important to know what service it provides additionally to the software. In the case for Mailchimp connectors, only Email support is available. Touchdown guarantees GDPR compliance and globally Touchdown offers a high-level assistance.



Email support
Phone support
Assistance from experts
Onboarding included

In overall, this article represents a comparison between an integrated software and connectors to third-party software. As a result, Touchdown enhances your Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to provide you a powerful marketing CRM.

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