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Advanced features for admins

Ribbons for Automation

Manual add

The easiest way to use the manual add entry point in the scenario is to add a ribbon entry on the recipient view.

To do so we recommend using the Ribbon workbench editor

  • Selected:

Enable rules

  • Hidden:


  • Hidden:
  • PopulateFlyout:

When you choose the following Library : $webresource:td_/automation-ribbon/index.js

Make sure to pu the following in the Function name field: Touchdown.populateEngageFlyout

  • Add:

Make sure of the following:

  • Id is set to ‘td.td_scenario.ManualAdd’
  • Library used is $webresource:td_/automation-ribbon/index.js
  • Function name is Touchdown.automationEngage

Buttons - Hidden flyout

To register a flyout:

  • Add a flyout with one button that is going to be hidden

This flyout must contain one button:

The main flyout that will be filled with available scenarios:

Available components

Contact timeline

Sub grid : Send results

Contact reactivity

Web ressources : td_/Contact/stats/index.html




Dashboard mode : true | false

In dashboard mode only the first row will be displayed

Enable selection : true | false

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