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Drag & drop Emailbuilder

Emailbuilder is a real-time drag-and-drop visual editor facilitating the creation of email templates and email campaigns. Emailbuilder allows for multiple styling and content possibilities.


To style your email click :

  • Click LAYOUT to pick one of the proposed email layouts
  • Click THEMES to pick one of the proposed colour themes
  • Click COLOR DISPATCH to attribute the specific colour to different parts of the email like header/footer, body, buttons, etc.
  • Click SETTINGS to adjust:
    • Display header/footer
    • Width
    • Text settings
    • Margins
    • Alignment


To add email content click :

  • Drag and drop blocks,
  • Drag and drop content:
    • Image
      • Add images from your computer, from a URL or add a variable
      • Add royalty-free images from the embedded gallery
      • Edit images in an embedded image editor
    • Video in a form of gif
      • Add videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
      • Decide the duration of the generated gif
      • Select button style to click and play
    • Text
    • Title
    • Space
    • Button
    • Separator
    • HTML code
    • RSS feed
    • Floating image
    • Google maps
To view your email on a mobile device click  .
Click Save & Close when you are done.
Drag-and-drop email builder
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