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GDPR information and how Touchdown ensures compliance

Who is affected by the European law regulation?

In the GDPR there two types of players: data controllers and subcontractors.

Are you affected?

  • Controller determines the purpose(s) and means of processing applied to the personal data. Subsequently, they may use one or more subcontractor(s) at certain stages of the data processing.
  • Subcontractors the act on behalf of and according to the instructions of the controller. Under the GDPR, subcontractors may also be held liable in some cases.


Are you a Marketer, Communication Manager, Sales Representative, Operational Manager, IT Administrator, Legal Assistant, eCommerce specialist, or Human Resources Manager?

If yes, then you certainly play a role in the purpose and means of processing applied to personal data in your company. However, it’s your company, the legal entity, and not yourself who is the controller. Unless it is demonstrated that you personally, have acted independently in determining the particular purposes and means of data processing.

Whic areas are affected?

Those who will be impacted are controllers and subcontractors based in the European Union (EU), and those located outside the EU providing goods or services to people located within the EU or monitoring their behaviour in the EU.

How Touchdown ensures compliance?

Note: Touchdown is involved on all levels of the ecosystem.

A dedicated GDPR compliance team is appointed and formed by several technical and legal professionals, who promote concrete and weekly advances on this matter.

Concrete solutions already in place

  • The appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • The implementation of a registry that allows for an up-to-date view of personal data treatment.
  • Touchdown has a statement regarding the protection of personal data available to all its users to achieve increasingly transparent communication.
  • Touchdown’s teams receive training regarding new developments concerning GDPR.
  • Touchdown has an agreement regarding the processing of personal data.
  • Touchdown is an adherent member of the AFCDP (French Association of Personal Data Protection Correspondents) and thus participates in working groups to discuss the protection of personal data with other professionals.

How does Touchdown help you to be compliant with the GDPR

A 'GDPR compliant' app

The Touchdown Marketing Suite provides its users with tools allowing them to communicate in compliance with the GDPR, namely :

  • Right to be forgotten directly within Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automatic management of unsubscriptions
  • Creation and administration of black lists
  • Recording of data related to the registration and unsubscription of contacts
  • Mandatory unsubscribed page in email send
  • Double opt-in automation template

Invariable moderation of the sends

Each campaign sent with Touchdown is analysed and moderated before its final sending.
This verification enables Touchdown to ensure that its users comply with the European regulation. If it’s not the case, Touchdown may refuse certain campaigns. The reasons may be: a recipient base obtained without consent, no unsubscription link, etc.

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