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Replies: interaction with email

Touchdown Replies is a collection of the all the replies from your contacts, leads and prospects to your email campaigns and automated emails.

To access all your replies:

  • Go to Replies in the Touchdown menu
  • The list of replies shows the following information fro each reply:
    • The email address of the contact replying
    • The email address the contact replies to
    • The subject of the email contact replies to
    • Type of reply classified as MANUAL or AUTOMATIC
      • Manual reply – manual response to an email written by the recipient that informs about an interest or uninterest, an opportunity to convert the lead, etc. 
      • Automatic reply – an automatic response to an email that your recipient programmed to be sent in case of absence informing you who to contact
    • Contact/Lead/Account/custom entity
    • Reply time and date
  • To view the reply, double-click on the reply
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