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Create an SMS send

You can create an SMS send using an automated scenario.

To create an SMS send:

  • Go to Scenario in the Touchdown menu
  • Click + New to create a new automation scenario
  • Enter the Name of the scenario
  • Select one of the automation templates
  • Click Add an entry point and select your entry point – for more information about automation entry points, view this article
  • Click a plus sign and select Execute an action > Send SMS
  • Select the sender name by clicking the number on the top of the phone screen
  • To add content, click Please fill in your message in the blue area:
    • You may personalise your SMS using tags, click  and select the tag you want, for example, Hi ((first name)),…)
    • You may add links:
      • If you want to track clicks on the link, click and paste a link
      • If you don’t want to track clicks on the link, paste the link directly in the message 
    • In the top right, you see current number of characters of your content
    • Note: one SMS is composed of 150 characters if your content contains more characters the message will be automatically composed of two or three SMS
  • You may manage your unsubscribed contacts:
    • Click on No blacklist selected
    • Select one or more blacklists – for more information about creating blacklists, view this article
  • In the area showing the Default country code:
    • Click on the selected country
    • Select the country code you want
  • You may send an SMS test:
    • Click on the dashes
    • Type a phone number you want to receive the SMS test
    • Click Send to 1 phone number
  • When you are done preparing your SMS, click OK
SMS send
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