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Introduction to Automation

Automation in Touchdown allows you to set automated and dynamics paths for the leads and contacts and manage all leads and campaigns in one place, your CRM.

To create an automation scenario:

  • Go to Scenario
  • Click on + New
  • Enter Name
  • Select a predefined scenario template or a custom scenario

Inside the scenario:

  • To begin, select one or more entry points:
    • New member is added to your list
    • Member is removed from your list
    • Member’s date field is matched
    • Member is lanually added to the scenario
    • Add all list members on scenario activation

Learn more about Entry points here

  • To select an action click on Execute an action:
    • Send Email
    • Send SMS
    • Add member to list
    • Remove member to list

Learn more about Action here

  • To put the participants on hold until a specific action is carried click on Put on hold until trigger:
    • Email interaction
    • SMS interaction
    • Timer
    • Specific time and date
    • Hours and days
    • Manual proceed

Learn more about Triggers here

  • To select a condition click on Check a condition:
    • Field value
    • List member

Learn more about Conditions here

Good practises

  • Integrate marketing automation with inbound marketing strategy
  • Send personalised content to a target audience
  • Set up customer engagement campaigns (keep ongoing communication and interaction)
  • Set up lead engagement campaigns (keep an ongoing communication)

Bad practises

  • Don’t just automate your current process without revisiting your goals
  • Don’t just blast or broadcast general messages but personalise the messages
  • Don’t forget about your customers
  • Don’t forget about your leads
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