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Manage your templates

You can create and prepare email templates for different purposes of your communication that you will then adapt during your campaign creation process.

To create a new template:

  • Go to Templates > New in the top bar
  • Enter an appropriate name
  • Click Create new template
  • Select how you want to create your template:
    • Select one of your existing templates to want to modify
    • Select custom design to create a new template from zero
    • Select one of 70 Touchdown graphical templates
  • Adapt with the drag-and-drop Emailbuilder
  • Save & Close 
  • Your template is created

Touchdown templates

Touchdown proposes over 70 existing graphical templates for a different purpose.

To access Touchdown templates:

  • Go to Templates > New
  • Fill in the name of the template 
  • Click Create new template
  • Click Touchdown templates
  • Select one by clicking on the thumbnail
  • Adapt with  the drag-and-drop Emailbuilder
  • Click Save & Close
  • Your template is created
touchdown email templates
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