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Introduction to Sales Engagement

Sales engagement consists of sellers’ personal and digital interactions with their prospects and customers.

Sales engagement technology then enables sales representatives tperform high-quality interactions with prospects and customers.

Embedding this technology within Microsoft Dynamics 365 or combining it with your business applications allows an automatic synchronisation and nurturing of each prospect’s and customer’s data from automated emails sent from your CRM using Touchdown and communication with prospects and customers using Outlook. 

In this case, we refer to Sales Engagement add-on as a part of the marketing suite and that is designed to enable quick and efficient engagement of your prospects using automation, interaction and recording of all data related to your prospects. All the responses from your prospects are also saved in one place which gives a simplified and centralised overview.


What are the benefits?

The centralisation of the sales management within your CRM, as well as the compatibility of sales engagement with your business applications, provides the following benefits:

  • 35% more scheduled meetings
  • Increased conversion rate by 10
  • One hour per day saved with the optimisation of time-consuming tasks
  • Lead, prospect and customer data nurturing within CRM
  • Alignment of sales and marketing departments towards the same objectives


How to access the Sales Engagement add-on?

Sales engagement is integrated within Touchdown and is therefore integrated within your CRM. There is no specific access to the add-on. 

Depending on the task you want to perform you can access:

  • Sales engagement predefined template for automation:
    • The sales automation includes a set of predefined actions starting with an entry point defining how your leads arrive at the automated scenario, suggested time intervals between sales engagement email sequences, set of actions based on your leads’ interaction with your emails to guarantee the flow of marketing list nurturing once your leads reply to your emails.
    • To prepare your sales engagement automated scenario, view this article.
  • Replies:
    • Touchdown Replies is a collection of the all the replies from your recipients (contacts/leads/custom entities) to your email campaigns and automated emails. The replies are classified as automatic and manual:
      • Manual reply – manual response to an email written by your leads that informs about an interest or uninterest, an opportunity to convert the lead, etc. 
      • Automatic reply – an automatic response to an email that your leads programmed to be sent in case of absence informing you who to contact
    • For more information about your replies management, view this article.
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