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Introduction to Sales Engagement

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales Engagement is a Touchdown add-on designed to rapidly engage leads with help of automation, interact with them, register real-time data to each lead and collect their replies to email in one place for better visibility.


What are the benefits?

  • Email automation
  • Schedule 35% more meetings
  • Nurture your leads within Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Save time with time-consuming task of lead rotation process


How to access the add-on?

Sales automation/engagement is embedded directly within Touchdown and hence within the CRM. You could divide it into: sales automation, replies & leads for example

  • Sales automation – Accessible from the Automation scenarios directly within the solution
  • Replies – Accessible from the Touchdown menu, interactions in a form of answers are classified into automatic and manual
  • Leads – all the data is updated in real-time within the CRM


How to engage thousands of leads rapidly?

With automation scenario template called Sales Engagement

Please visit this article for more details.


What does the Sales Enagement template include?

Set of prepared actions including entry point, suggested time intervals between engaging emails, when the lead replies they leave the path, repetition of email sequences, etc.

You can modify the time intervals, use email templates when creating emails or fill the path on the go.

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