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Introduction to forms and landing pages

Touchdown groups forms and landing pages together to facilitate their creation.

Depending on the purpose of the landing page or form you simply select whether you want to create a dedicated page with or without a form or you want to create a form that you can embed on your website or show in a popup.  

You can create professional and stunning landing pages or forms with the drag-and-drop builder offering many design possibilities, content adaptation and validation behaviour options. 

All the data that you obtain from the forms and landing pages are automatically synchronised within your CRM.

For further description about forms and landing pages, please read below.

Landing pages

A landing page can help you generate leads and grow your business.

It is a dedicated page to convert visitors into leads.

They can provide more information about a subject or include a form to allow your recipients to sign up when you communicate with your audience via email, SMS or share a link to your landing page on your social media. 

Landing pages are hosted on our servers rather than on your website. 

To create a new landing page, view this article. 


A form allows your recipients to sign up to your marketing list. 

Touchdown considers forms as a component of a dedicated landing page or a component of your website when the form is embedded statically by pasting a generated HTML and CSS code or dynamically in a pop-up by pasting a generated script

All the fields you use in your form are then submitted to your Dynamics and the data is centralised within your CRM.  

To create a new form, view this article. 

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